What we Believe

St Peter’s & St Leonard’s Churches

What we Believe

We believe in one God in 3 persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

God is our heavenly Father, who created and sustains the world and wants the very best for us and for the creation that he has entrusted into our care.  God, who is utterly holy as well as loving, reached out to humanity to bring us back into relationship with him by sending his Son Jesus Christ into the world.

Jesus, gave up everything to come to earth as a servant and a sacrifice for each of us, paying the price for all the bad things we have done.  He rose from the dead and so conquered death.  It is only through faith in what was achieved through the death and resurrection of Jesus that we can be reconciled with God and look forward to an eternity spent with him in heaven.

The Holy Spirit lives within us, giving us strength and guidance and gradually transforming us to become more like Jesus, so that we can in turn be a blessing to those around us and our local community.

We believe that the Bible is inspired by God and one of the main ways that God communicates with us, teaching us to follow him and grow in faith.

Prayer is a two-way interaction where God listens to us and we listen to Him through the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  It is simply a conversation and does not need fancy words, just an open and honest heart.

The church is not a building, but a family of believers, here to support and encourage one another to deepen our relationship with God and worship and serve him.